Simpsons tapped out: level 37 released


Almost too much on the dot as to time level 37 has been released for the Simpsons. As always, it’s s small mix of premium and in game currency items to add to our expanding towns/cities. Just recently another strip of land had been added for those struggling to fit everything in whilst retaining an appealing layout too. Now those pesky ghosts and the annoying goo has disappeared, so has that annoying fog which makes the game so dark and gloomy – given that it was halloween I suppose it made sense. Anyway, the game now feels lighter, brighter and all the more fresher for the purposes of new content. The quests seem ever longer in an assumed attempt to keep players playing without boredom and the level cap has increased by, well, one.

First things first: pretty much everyone will have had an immediate level up to 37, gaining a cool 2 donuts in the meantime. That’s no surprise is it? Two new buildings which don’t require said donuts have been added; the cracker factory and, well, the job centre. How fun. One comes with Kirt Van Housen to no doubt bring some fun to the new quest lines with Milhouse and the such. It is possible to get his ex/wife/partner or whatever she is dependent on the episode but that will set you back quite a few donuts and, clearly, quite a bit of real life dough – nuts. What’s the point? It’s for those who have either hacked the game or are just comfortable enough to waste money on the games currency. No decorations have been added for the first time in recent update history but I’m pretty sure everyone agrees when we say that the inventory for the decorations has become somewhat tedious to scroll through trying to find anything.

For now however it’s a good update to get rid of that steadily entertaining halloween update which would soon become pointless and gives a fresh new set of buildings for our towns. It’s a shame they still haven’t added in any more variations of houses to place in perhaps with more money coming from them. Just a thought, EA.

Your thoughts on the update or the game in general?

Speak soon.


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