LinkedIn – a good idea?

Lately I’ve been looking at perhaps creating a LinkedIn account but, naturally, I have my reservations about doing so. First off, is it really a good idea? Second, is it needed necessarily?

Obviously having a Linkedin account is supposed to enhance your prospects of getting employment of your choice but just how much of an increase is this? Is it suffice to justify an account on yet another website? I understand that there is a difference between personal and professional social networking but why keep the two apart? No one wants to employ a one trick pony or a square, so to speak. I feel now it’s all about confidence and stride – motivate yourself and you will soon realise that academic standing isn’t the be all, end all of life. I’ve learnt this myself.

What if, however, the difference is persona socialising mixed unintentionally? Could we keep these separate? Notwithstanding twitter, Facebook, Instagram and a blog I’m pretty sure it’s easy to find some stuff out about anyone in today’s connected world, isn’t it? What happened to contacting and networking the old fashioned way? Coffee meetings, interviews, personal visits and searching the web or local area seem to be taking the form of a simple form on LinkedIn it would seem.

I’m still in two minds – does anyone have LinkedIn? If so, has it helped? Do you feel more of a presence in employability? I’d like to hear your thoughts on the subject.

Bye for now.


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