The winter is back

Another year another start to a drissling wInter. It’s almost Christmas again and that means it’s almost the end of 2013 already. It’s gone too quick and in this one year I’ve managed to get quite a lot done. So, a little update is in order. 

I’ve been to Turkey, Amsterdam and a short trip to Brighton with my girlfriend. I’ve obtained my Law degree and graduated as well as started my LPC postgraduate course and I’ve also managed to bag a bit of experience along the way too. It’s been mine and my girlfriends 3 year anniversary back in august and I’ve also gone to a few random events too. The zoo included! I’ve regained my passion in drawing and made some progress on the guitar – of which I purchased a new one! My fish have got a new tank and are all still accounted for and I’ve decorated my parents house for then completely – Almost. 

Theres much more more but for now I’ll leave it at that. My 2013 post a day challenge is also thankfully coming to an end but that won’t mean my site will go to waste. Next year I shall start a fresh. Watch this space. 



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