VW harmony

VW harmony Whilst trawling through the many, many Youtube videos out there I inevitably was subject to even more adverts than videos. However, not all bad I would add seeing as I came across this rather intriguing advert for GTI + UNDERWORLD. Some may have seen it, some may not. Whatever the case, I would say … Continue reading VW harmony


Never a better time

Just a little change from the normal, why not. A few thoughts put into words, A splurge, On paper - it seems - a short word, Set out on the third, Line of this poem, Without even knowing, I feel time lapses without even showing, Relentless, Continuously Flowing, It passes by like a stream overflowing, … Continue reading Never a better time

Blog page renovation

It's high time that my page had a complete makeover. By complete I mean literally, everything had to change in some way or another. So here it is, the new theme has been put in place which has allowed for a much more simplicstic, neat approach to be taken. Feel free to wander around and … Continue reading Blog page renovation

Some motivational lyrics

I'm back with another set of lyrics that I find commendable. It's from someone I have listened to since their very first album all the way to todays releases. Some may recognise these immediately without having had the need to see the title at the bottom. Here they are; "As time passes, things change every dayBut … Continue reading Some motivational lyrics

My degree has arrived!

It's almost unbelievable for two reasons; I have a Law degree and therefore those little letters have been attached to my name and it has taken absolutely ages for this degree to arrive in the post! However, it's finally here and it's already been framed and placed on the wall to await the accompanying graduation photo and … Continue reading My degree has arrived!