Simpsons has been updated! Again.

Finally, after a week or two of not having any more tasks to do I’ve signed into Simpsons to find an update. There’s now the level 36 add on with, well, two buildings, 1 decoration and MORE LAND. That last one excites me quite a lot in a gamer sort of way, of course. Even though only a strip of new land has been added at the bottom end of the map it’s still enough for me to begin building more buildings which means, as you know, much more income! This comes after I’ve just spent a cool $2million on the skyscraper made out of Popsicle sticks so unfortunately I’ve only managed to afford two or three pieces of the new land. Here it is anyway:

Excuse the UFO first off, but more importantly this land isn’t all that expensive to gain. I wonder why it’s only the bottom strip that’s been extended instead of the whole lot? Who cares, so long as it helps expand and improve. Until now I’ve had just a little part of land which remained as greenery with no building being commenced until an update was released. Merely to save room for the newer buildings when they come to us. Anyway, I’ve already began building on my land and also filling up that last square I’ve had waiting for so long.

It’s all fun and hopefully it continues to be expanded. I’m struggling to work out what can be released over the coming months as much of the beloved programme now exists within our virtual Springfield’s. Either way, I’m not stopping my addiction to this game anytime soon so it’s all good.

Your thoughts?



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