iPad Air & OS X Mavericks release

Yesterday we were finally graced with the release of the newest operating system for our good old Mac’s and also the details of the anticipated new iPad too. First things first; the new operating system of a whopping 5.46gb (give or take) took a little while to download, install, install the install and then set up so it seemed. However, thereafter it becomes a whole new ball game for you and your Mac. Here’s why: 

More features?!

As it almost always states in an Apple update, there are ‘over 200 new features’ included. I fail to see how this is always the case as, by now, every Apple device should really have thousands upon thousands of ‘features’. In reality however it’s small tweaks which are classed as ‘features’ and the actual ‘features’ which are new are the ones which should be counted in this advertisement. For instance, on the Mac running OS X Mavericks the new ‘features’ are the iBooks, Maps and Keychain apps whilst the smoother running and faster processing times are merely ‘tweaks’ or simple ‘updates’. Let’s remain realistic, aye. On the note though the newer features coupled with the updates do serve well and are, yet again, a good reason to update as soon as is practically and reasonably possible – like now. 

Faster is always fun

Immediately you will find that your trusted Mac is now running smoother, faster and more efficiently due to this mammoth update. The time waited for installing said update is a small price to pay for, well, the payout of the install. Apps are loading much faster than before with less ‘lag’ and the whole process appears much smoother in terms of navigating around trying to do what you need to do. For instance, just this morning I have been doing some business accounts and the such so therefore required 3 or 4 pages to be open at the same time. Whilst switching between these pages and editing them all it seemed to be a much easier task than before. Admittedly this is partly due to the operating system update as well as the update released directly after for the Pages app too. Credit given where credit due and all that.

Updating is always exciting! 

I know this may not seem a legitimate reason to be putting in here but it is a reason nonetheless. I find it fun to update stuff; my phone, iPad, Mac, car, games and pretty much anything and everything that can be updated. Much like the IOS 7 update recently released it breathes new air into the lungs of somewhat old devices and it brings a sense of ‘new’ to the device that you own. For me it’s all the more because I was able to update 2 devices to IOS 7. Sad. Moving on however it is good to say that the new operating system has in fact done well to uphold this excitement and it does allow for a more satisfiable usage of the system. Just to get past all of the app updates before. 

Onto the iPad Air.

That’s right, the newest addition to the family of iPads has been announced, not released. Therefore I know that the title of this post isn’t 100% accurate in this sense but it will be released very shortly. How short you ask? 1st of November is the date to behold if you are keen on either updating or joining the family.  Of course you will be seeing queues of anticipatory people outside all of the flagship stores awaiting its release so just take a look around if you forget that date given. What’s new? 

The screen apparently sits closer to the edges, or so it seems. It’s no bigger but it appears that way whilst the whole device only sits in at 1 pound in weight! This means it’s a whole lot thinner and perhaps easier to hold in ones hand – but was this really an issue with the older iPads? Having an iPad 3 myself I hardly find the size or weight an issue, to be honest. This newer device utilises the newer A7 chip found in the newest iPhones which makes it a beast to use in terms of speed. As you may know, this newer chip eats up anything thrown at it and simply opens a task or app without having to think for a while whether to or not. Again however my iPad 3 with the lesser A5x chip installed doesn’t cause me any sleepless nights. What else? Not much, really. As it seems is the case now with Apple, this newer device simply improves instead of innovates. No revolution in technology has emerged in the past few devices and not much is adapting to, well, anything. Plus at £399 minimum from Apple I think that perhaps it’s not a bad idea to skip this one and await the next whilst actually gaining usage out of my old companion – the iPad 3 – which is still going strong. 

Out of the two above releases I’d say that whilst I wish for the iPad air to come falling into my lap I’m more excited for the operating system to show it’s capabilities as I find them out. You could use the ‘tour’ feature that’s been included but where’s the fun in that? I prefer just finding it all out in my own time and through my own trials and tribulations. For now I shall stick with my iPad 3, iPhone 5 and Macbook Air from 2012 until something worthwhile crops up. 

Bye for now. 


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