Back to basics

For those who knew when my blog first appeared here’s another post on my thoughts and opinions. Back to basics, as it were. I’ve ignored these posts for a while and focused on a more review based blog page and today I thought ‘really?’. A thought had popped into my head earlier, one of many might I add whilst getting ready for work.

I’ve realised that I have grown to actually like Miley Cyrus’ new song ‘wrecking ball’. For those who would immediately assume the reason to be because she is in the nude you are terribly wrong and grossly misinformed. I for one do not get turned on by a nude crazy girl sucking off a sledgehammer and straddling a wrecking ball whilst it smashes everything but her. I also don’t get why she is so persistent on sticking her lizard like tongue out to the farthest point humanly possible and shaking her behind like she’s got an itch with no tree to scratch it on. For those who actually struck up the much needed courage to watch the VMA awards and her performance I salute you. Not for watching it but for living with the awful images left behind after watching it.

That left behind (no pun intended) I also have grown a liking to Jason Derulo’s ‘marry me’ but have took note that if he lives past those 105 years then he’s going to get a ticking off. I’m sure you may understand that more if you listen to the song. Apart from that, nice song J.

So last night I played ping pong (aka table tennis) for the first time in around 5 years. It was incredibly fun to say the least. Screw normal tennis, let’s just do it with minuscule equipment and in the meantime go through 20 buckets of ping pong balls within 4 minutes. Builds a sweat though, right?

Anywho, I’m on yet another night shift so that means a bit of work then some extensive reading on something which rightfully shouldn’t be read at night time. I shall try to post a few more thoughts and the such but don’t hold me to it.

Bye for now.


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