LPC update.

So I’m now a few weeks into my LPC course and although it feels entirely different to the LLB it also feels quite relaxing compared to it too. The work load is huge but I’m unsure whether impeccable time management developed in the LLB is helping without me realising as such. Of course most of our time is spent researching or reading rather than the normal LLB style work so perhaps it just feels less work but is in fact more strenuous given the importance of it.

Anyway, in a nutshell: very enjoyable course with a few stressful moments but that’s expected with anything we do isn’t it? Work load isn’t bad but I think the well given advice of ‘take it as it comes’ was much heard, appreciated and applied. I will give more little updates as it progresses.

Any questions just leave them below I’ll be happy to answer.
Bye for now.


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