Simpsons tapped out Halloween update – part 1

There’s been a Halloween update for the Simpsons tapped out! I know I have neglected any sort of posts or reports on the Simpsons of recent times but this one can’t go unnoticed. The annoying thing? Well, at the time of writing this post I’m still at Uni until around 4 or 5 studying my LPC so I can’t even update and play until later on this afternoon! I shall have a bit of catching up to do, I think. I have undertook a sneaky research task to find out what is new and quite frankly there seems to be a lot going on – too much to regurgitate in a post anyhow. I shall play this update first hand and, as always, give a nice little review on exactly how it is and on the stuff that’s new. For now, this is a short post to at least acknowledge the slight despair at knowing you’re falling behind on a huge update such as this. 

Ciao for now. 


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