Stormy weather

I've had the unfortune to be placed on a night shift during the very night that this 'st Jude' storm is supposed to show its true colours. Up until midnight or so it was a fine rain, with the odd downpour which made various streets fill up and flow over. No big deal thus far … Continue reading Stormy weather


1,000 followers to this blog !

Unbelievable. That's it, that's the post. I can't believe that the counter on the bottom right has finally hit the thousand mark. Thanks.¬†Overtime this blog has expanded, contracted, been altered and almost failed but it's only been this way due to the changing responses and analysis of such responses. I've utilised the stats page to … Continue reading 1,000 followers to this blog !

GTA online: where’s the $250,000?

As it's been the past week, we are still receiving confirmation of players getting a cool $250,000 placed into their online bank account. However, all we keep getting is the same regurgitated article stating that it will be 'sometime this week' and not much else apart from that. So where is it? Rockstar themselves have … Continue reading GTA online: where’s the $250,000?

Simpsons has been updated! Again.

Finally, after a week or two of not having any more tasks to do I've signed into Simpsons to find an update. There's now the level 36 add on with, well, two buildings, 1 decoration and MORE LAND. That last one excites me quite a lot in a gamer sort of way, of course. Even … Continue reading Simpsons has been updated! Again.

iPad Air & OS X Mavericks release

Yesterday we were finally graced with the release of the newest operating system for our good old Mac's and also the details of the anticipated new iPad too. First things first; the new operating system of a whopping 5.46gb (give or take) took a little while to download, install, install the install and then set … Continue reading iPad Air & OS X Mavericks release