The new Twitter and Facebook for iOS 7

As everyone knows and has been mentioning, the new iOS 7 appears to have been a huge hit since release on Wednesday. I’m lucky enough to have had mine since Sunday but that’s besides the point. Anyway, since the release many updates for many apps on my iPhone have been popping up all day. Including, as you’ve guessed it, Facebook and Twitter.

To be very honest, it’s so much better for each of them. The new facelift for ios coupled with the look and feel of these two huge social media apps go hand in hand, pea in a pod or even foot in mouth. Strange. Especially Facebook I would go so far as to say that this update has improved it significantly and also became more appealing to use overall. I find myself going onto Facebook a tiny bit more due to its new smooth interface and faster response times. Twitter remains as good as it has always been, of course.

Your thoughts?


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