Undervaluing an underdog – part 3

‘The people who say ‘no’ to this question perhaps don’t know themselves. Perhaps often they simply relay things they have heard and taken into account from others – reverting back to the influence idea stated earlier. Are they thoughts of our own? Or are they thoughts of others around us paralleled with our own yet expressed in a manner consistent with the conformity of a similarly minded group of naysayers? If these people are more negatively interested in my life than they are positively of theirs, then clearly they are not trying hard enough’.

This continues, and it may have become a slight rant and rave but nonetheless it remains opinion. It’s an observation and is my own view. If any comments are required keep them constructive and contributory with your views/opinion. For now this is the last part that has been written and will be continued and refined at a later date. Time is of the essence, and is precious as of late.

Ciao for now.


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