Simpsons level 35 update

An interesting month this is turning out to be! A lot of updates, new stuff and releases coming within the next few weeks and also some that have already been delivered. Today is included – I’m not too sure when but level 35 has been released for the Simpsons tapped out. Yep I was shocked too, I signed in for the first time about 20 minutes ago to find an updated version has somehow been, erm, updated without me noticing. I was immediately (as always) levelled up to 35 as many others would have been and also immediately enrolled onto the newest quest line to gain marge’s lovely sisters. Of course that requires some tiny saving as I’ve been finishing off the land purchases – or more so the water purchases seeing as that’s all that was left until this update.

So, as always what’s been added in today’s update? Ill do it differently than the norm by just giving my view then placing the accompanying screenshots below. As for buildings, we’ve got seemingly two premium and two in game currency purchases – one of which gives two more characters to have to deal with regularly. Not all bad, that means even more money too right? The premium disco adds disco stu to the game too but that does cost those oh so special donuts, making it a personal preference as to purchase or ignore. The DMV seems to be another purchase too but I haven’t got that far just yet. The decorations have somewhat complimented the Popsicle sky scraper by adding two models of stu and a bike partnership made of Popsicles too. I still need to save for that sky scraper but when I do I’ll pile these all together, I’m sure. The other decoration is the (expensive, donut priced) DMV limo – again one for you to decide upon. In a nutshell; another small update to just help us all along. Here’s the screenshots:


As always, let me know what you think of the latest additions.

Speak soon.


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