Simpsons tapped out; a maximum size?

As everyone who plays the Simpsons tapped out may have realised there have been a lot of updates of recent times. Even more so with the content of said updates given the expansive Krustyland and Squidport updates we were given earlier this year and more recently. In between such updates have been smaller content add ons too but it soon begs the question that I’m sure many will begin to wonder if they haven’t already:

How much more can come to the already huge Simpsons game and when will it become too much?’

Okay so maybe it’s two questions but they do follow on from each other either way it goes. We see many new buildings being released and subsequently many decorations and characters too but when will the shear size of the game become too much to handle and too much to retain interest for the player? I mean, we already nearly all have a maximum sized Springfield in terms of size and land usage and pretty soon we will all have a maximum sized Krustyland in the same way. So what else can come along? Kamp Krusty? The full one that is. What about anything to do with Shelbyville when the buildings of Springfield run dry? Tie-ins to Family guy or Futurama maybe? Technically content will not stop as the series still runs with plenty of leeway to expand but will it soon begin to bore? Logging in to collect huge sums of money and tickets may not seem too appealing to the veteran Simpsons player. Of course I am in no way declaring any loss of interest I am merely stating an obvious fact and that fact is as follows: a game can’t continue on the same premise forever without losing appeal – a new look or lick of paint is often required for revitalisation in the least of terms. 

Therefore I ask EA, will we have more land? More out of screen adventures such as Krustyland? A whole new app for Futurama or even Family guy by some miracle? I’m sure many hope you have something up your sleeves for the times to come. 

Ciao for now. 


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