GTA 5 & IOS 7?! What a month…

So as of today it’s officially 10 days exactly until the release of the much anticipated GTA 5. It does however also mark the 3 day countdown toward the event Apple has set for (presumably) the release or at least announcement of release of IOS 7 and perhaps a few cool new gadgets to set our eyes upon. Now, how is one to have time to not only play around with IOS 7 once released but to also tear up Los Santos in a pimped out ride on GTA? Oh and of course couple that with day to day life and the such, evidently a struggle will ensue. 

Let’s start with GTA 5 shall we? Rockstar as always with any release of a huge GTA have been giving out details of little tiny snippets of the game and what we can expect. Clearly they have and will leave a lot out for us gamers to discover ourselves – in the process rendering us useless to peel our eyes and attention from this immersive game. I can see a few people losing their jobs over this game and its most definite addiction rate. I for one have not only a job to partake in so often, but also the start of the very intense LPC course amongst other stuff so I really will feel the heat of this game as it sits in my disc tray awaiting playtime. It’s okay though I’ve set aside some ‘me time’ especially for this game! We know so far there’s car customisation, sports, cool tv, great radio again, clothing, property investment, parking tickets, stock markets, store acquisitions, three playable characters, weapon customisation, planes, trains, cars, boats, diving and this list just seems to be non-exhasutive I think would be fair to say. There appears to be so much to do that it really will become a criminal version of The Sims. 

That’s a definite hurdle to jump, I can promise that. So what of the hurdle that is IOS 7? Yep, all Apple users will be struggling to download this mammoth update more or less at the same time. Millions will flock to their software update notification in a possible lost hope that it works first time. I will be one of those who will tap on ‘update’ the very moment it makes an appearance. Rumours have it that the Golden version of IOS 7 has not been released to developers yet but I would safely assume that’s not true seeing as Apple employees are already undertaking training for IOS 7 issues pre-release. Post release I can imagine their lives will become somewhat hectic, to say the least. Everyones iPhone will have a completely new look and soon, if not simultaneously, iPads and iPods will follow suit too. 

So, it’s surely an exciting month and even more so an exciting couple of weeks. 

Bye for now. 


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