Fine pencil line of selling art

Lately I have been researching possible ways to sell some of my art work to those interested for modest prices. Many questions arise however; ‘where do I start?’, ‘how much do I offer them for?’ and so on, so forth. So, where exactly do we find answers to these questions? I began with a simple web search which soon turned into a huge trail of bread crumb chasing and endless websites of dead ends. 

Sites such as Deviantart, artweb and artgallery offer such a service but – as always – these come with many hidden consequences. This is why the importance of reading extensively into each offer is fundamental in finding what you need. I once had an account with Deviantart for a while but none of my drawings were sold or even offered for sale. Artweb offers a ‘free’ account but this really doesn’t help much which somewhat forces people to go for the premium offers purely for the aim of advertising on the actual site itself. If the free version is stuck with then the drawings go unnoticed and set to the depths of the sites coding. Many sites are the same and will attempt this with any seller or artist in this case. 

What of private sales then? Well clearly unless one knows of any art dealers or those interested in art so much as to purchase them then this is pretty much a dead end too. Using a blog such as this to sell won’t go down too well either as it’s simply not built up for that purpose at all. Similarly, this would have to include everything in between, such as the copies and canvas requests for example – the costs which would mount up to almost unsuitable for an amateur or new artist. 

The ultimate decision then? Until a name is made for your art work it’s probably best to sit it out on a free site or involve yourself in a lot of advertising and hard work. Doing a lot of legwork yourself will probably serve as the key to breaking into that first sale and gaining some sort of review and reputation as an artist. As it stands I’m yet to even touch this pedestal yet. 

Your thoughts? 



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