The Audi A1 – ‘a big idea, condensed’?

Just how true is this statement? Let’s start with the basics of what does (and does not) come with this ‘condensed big idea’. First off; the exterior of the car offers a sporty, agile look with a sleek and smooth design too. The alloys sit nicely within the arch – albeit perhaps higher than many would want – and the front lights appear mean and aggressive. The rear lights come across as angry looking eyebrows peering into the driver behind for probably driving too close. Although dependent on the colour one chooses these rear lights could become an asset of a ‘saggy bottom’ syndrome with the overall look of the back of the car. So, a mean face but perhaps a bad behind with a nice ride height adjustable to a persons needs – or wants!

What of the interior then? Aside from the huge level of gadgets and buttons which sit atop, aside and below every centimetre of the cars dashboard and steering wheel there’s not much else to say. The pop out screen on the top of the dashboard looks cool and snazzy and so do the little trims around the vents. However it would appear that the level of intricate decoration on the interior falls short with the centre console and panel. The gear stick sits further down than a sporty car would like to have and the overall surrounding of the gear stick appears weak and lazy – almost bare in a way. A far cry that is from the Audi A3 MK2 where this sits almost level with the arm when driving allowing for a more sporty and comfortable feel. Perhaps this is just me.

Overall, I’d go so far as to say that although the A1 is a very tempting purchase for any Audi fan who wants quality and budget combined it does fall short on the front of Audi lover features. The big and chunky, safe feel Audi’s offer is somewhat compromised by this ‘condensing’ of a big idea offering a smaller and albeit more agile car to drive. Of course this suits better those who want a smaller car for ease of driving and parking, almost filling a whole of customer base that was once missing so fair enough if this is the case. The space within is also relatively small when considering a 6ft purchaser for instance offering only a 4mm difference between the 5 door and 3 door versions too. So, unfortunately a ‘big guy’ can’t ‘condense’ himself to suit this cars purpose – perhaps limiting the buyer base too. Having said that this car has sold a huge, huge amount and it has become incredibly popular so perhaps it really has filled a void of people who want an Audi but wish for a somewhat budgeted version. This ‘budgeted’ Audi really doesn’t lose its appeal if that’s the case I’d say.

Is the Audi A1 in your list of favourites? 

Ciao for now.


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