Krustyland is empty!

Just a few days ago we were given the level 34 update for the Simpsons tapped out which gave us a few new decorations and a building or two – oh and a selection of characters. However, what’s become of everyones Krustyland? Is it still flourishing or is it slowly staying put amongst the huge field it is set upon? I know it really doesn’t take too long when you get down to it so I wonder what size it will be when fully completed in comparison to the available land.

As of this morning, I have practically finished the level 34 update in terms of obtaining the available content whilst finishing off my Krustyland in terms of rides and so on. Now, whilst I have expanded Krustyland rather significantly it still would appear that much is left to be bought with regards to land, of course. I have almost gained all of the rides and attractions, plus the little stands plotted and duplicated around the park thus far fill up rather nicely. What happens when too much repetitiveness becomes a boring reoccurrence when scrolling around the park? Hopefully EA will solve this by releasing new stuff for Krustyland as well as little old Springfield.

Bye for now.


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