Level 34: Simpsons tapped out

There’s been yet another update for the ever expanding Simpsons tapped out. This time it’s, rather unsurprisingly, level 34 with a few rather cool buildings and decorations alongside it. As always, that extra level is short lived as pretty much everyone would level up almost immediately, gaining themselves 2 donuts. There’s two new buildings and a handful of decorations, plus terri and sherry as premium to buy characters – a whopping 150 donuts might I add. Unfortunately I had spent almost $100,000 just an hour before this update was released so I am left saving the relatively small amount to purchase the high school. Here they are:

A rather good addition I think as it gives the town a little more variety with these public buildings. Plus we finally get superintendent Chalmers which should make for some fun quest lines to engage in. Next to this we see the ‘Knowledgium’ – another building which may add some sort of variety to our towns. Not sure on the price as of yet but I’m sure it’s probably quite costly as many new releases have been lately. As for the decorations that have been added, we have stuff like the camp fire, lake piece, Chalmers car and a new $5million zirconia to save for. I’m still saving for the second two million dollar buildings after having recently built the newly added sun sphere too. Here they are:


Yet again we have a smaller update to keep us going for now. As it stands EA are doing a wonderful job with keeping a smooth and consistent release of content for us to contend with. For one I’m still building my Krustyland whilst saving for the million dollar buildings back in Springfield only to now gain all of the above mentioned content too. Still, can’t complain as it’s better than becoming bored with the somewhat tedious task of logging in to collect and leave.

Thoughts on the update?



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