A glimpse of iOS 7?

A few updates have seen themselves land on my phone and iPad recently. These include twitter, youtube and of course WordPress. It’s not so much a surprise that these updates are appearing now, but it’s more of an interest as to how they are appearing as of late. Let me explain.

iOS 7 will be coming to us within the next few weeks – some say as early as September 10th. Sure we can all wait that little space of time as we’ve waited since July anyway but now it would seem that developers are giving us a taste of things to come. Clearly they have the beta 6 version of iOS 7 which is apparently the last beta before the golden version is released and then ultimately the consumer version thereafter. This seems to show in the latest updates. Take a look at the new Youtube look:

As you can see, not much has changed but it’s what has changed which strikes me as similar to that of iOS 7. Note the plain white appearance, the sleek and clear display and the easily noticeable striking font. Not to mention the smooth feel that it brought with it upon extended use compared to the previous version. The new app icon has had a little spruce up too:

So a new look on the outside and a sleek, iOS 7 style look on the inside. Is this the basis for another update that will truly coincide with iOS 7 upon release? Or is it just coincidence of appearance? Either way – I think it would be amplified when iOS 7 is released and that little black bar at the top of the screen has blended in a lot more. It must be stated that WordPress has also seen an update:

A lot of similarities arise between this and the Youtube app (above) – for instance; the same clear white coating, strikingly slim font and smooth feel when navigating through the menus. The app icon hasn’t had a revamp but quite frankly, it’s not really in need of one. So what does all of this mean?

I would assume that the developers who have been lucky enough to have had iOS 7 betas until now are settling in and preparing for the move over. As I said above, this may only be a basis to ensure the smooth update upon release and thus hopefully minimise any potential problems which could arise. I suppose only time will tell as to whether this really is a glimpse of sorts of what’s to come on September 10th. I can only hope.

Have you noticed any other similarities on other apps to iOS 7?

Bye for now.


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