Back from Amsterdam

Last night me and my girlfriend flew back into London after an amazing four day break in Amsterdam. The past four days have been tiring due to the shear level of walking we have done but ultimately have been incredibly nice. We visited museums, the zoo and even floated around a few of the many, many canals around Amsterdam in a small canal bike. Unfortunately now it’s back to reality, back to work and preparation for uni in September is now well under way too.

On a side note, from an unconfident flyer the turbulence was too much for me this time. The clouds caused so much turbulence that I was shaken much like a polaroid picture resulting in nothing less than a minute piece of excrement exiting onto seat 13A. I’m not one for flying and I’m certainly not one for turbulence or any noise I don’t know of either. The flight time luckily was only a mere 50 minutes or so which was better than we were first told so I suppose the turbulence was tolerable for that short distance. I just stuck to my word search and crossword book – as well as the arm rests a bit too!

On a general note however it was a well needed break away to a nice, peaceful city. No one was angry, rude, rushy or pushy for that matter. Everyone walked with a smile and engaged in conversation as easy as anything. Cars didn’t clam up the streets, but bikes did. Although this is healthy, many would say so we didn’t really mind too much. The gentle stream of the canals was relaxing to walk alongside and the weather for the most part was nice and cool. The streets felt clean and peaceful to walk along and a safe feeling remained with us anywhere we went. People seemed caring, approachable and helpful – a far cry from any sort of comparison to many over here, I must say. The sights were impressive and the museums were of a high standard. Nothing about this four day break was negative in any sort of way – I would definitely recommend this as a break away destination!

Another nice event was yesterday – it was actually our three year anniversary date which was what this holiday was for so I’m in an incredibly happy mood too! For now, I must concentrate on my LPC looming over my head in just a few weeks and look to progress as much as is possible for next year.

Ciao for now.


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