When boredom kicks in

Today has been a rather crap and boring day. Not much has happened and there isn’t much to do either. The only semi-exciting occurrence was a car break down I had to go and give a hand with. Wow. The rest of the day has been spent doing split things such as a quick tune of the guitar, a short play on the xbox and a little tidy up too. I hate having days which aren’t productive or filled with boredom. It puts me in a mood whereby nothing appeals to me and I end up getting frustrated easily until I get busy again. Later on I am popping to the pub so that should lighten my mood! 

So, not much to post on today apart from the normal few updates every so often. My new fish tank has been set up and the fish have been moved across successfully! I now await the time to get some more fish to join them as well. The old tank will soon be taken off of my hands and a little something else will be replacing it – but that news will wait. 

In other news; the Simpsons tapped out update is going well still and I am waiting for the Krustyland burger to be built. Apart from that I have finally managed to purchase the last bit of available land in the Springfield area and have began buying the ones at Krustyland too. Due to this expense no longer being an issue I have started to build some more houses and buildings for even more income which should help with any upcoming updates. 

That’s all. 

Bye for now. 


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