Nice touch, EA

It’s been a nice bit of time since the release of the huge update by EA. However, since this last post praising the released update on how good it has been I seem to have hit a problem – a rather big one at that. I’ve lost Homer! After the 7th part of the quest Homer seems to have disappeared and is nowhere to be found or seen. That’s including my very expansive Springfield too, not just in Krustyland. I wonder what’s happened. Is it part of the storyline? I am waiting to build the Krustyland burger place so perhaps he’s worn out from ‘all the hard work’ as he said he was. The only other problem is I don’t think I can progress now he’s gone! Only time will tell.

On a better note, I do like the little touch that EA has added. That’s the rather obvious use of pedestrians/visitors that wander around your up and coming theme park when enough has been placed in there. This then causes a bit of extra income to arise as they (presumably) spend around the park. Great little touch. At the moment I have quite a few walking around which diminishes the problem of the feel of a derelict field with not much on. Here’s a screenshot of what I have so far:

How’s yours coming along?



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