The Audi A1 – ‘a big idea, condensed’?

Just how true is this statement? Let's start with the basics of what does (and does not) come with this 'condensed big idea'. First off; the exterior of the car offers a sporty, agile look with a sleek and smooth design too. The alloys sit nicely within the arch - albeit perhaps higher than many … Continue reading The Audi A1 – ‘a big idea, condensed’?


Krustyland is empty!

Just a few days ago we were given the level 34 update for the Simpsons tapped out which gave us a few new decorations and a building or two - oh and a selection of characters. However, what's become of everyones Krustyland? Is it still flourishing or is it slowly staying put amongst the huge … Continue reading Krustyland is empty!

Level 34: Simpsons tapped out

There's been yet another update for the ever expanding Simpsons tapped out. This time it's, rather unsurprisingly, level 34 with a few rather cool buildings and decorations alongside it. As always, that extra level is short lived as pretty much everyone would level up almost immediately, gaining themselves 2 donuts. There's two new buildings and … Continue reading Level 34: Simpsons tapped out

LPC start

Just a short note today. Next Monday I officially register as as postgraduate student of the Legal practice course! It's come around very quickly and for that reason alone is quite exciting yet nerve wrecking too. It's seems like only a few weeks back I had graduated with my LLB from my first university. Of … Continue reading LPC start

Saints row 4: post release play time

It's been almost a week now since the release of Saints row 4 and well, it's time to see what it's really about. After many hours of playing I have found few things I can comment upon. First off, although the game offers fun, freedom and ultimate mayhem against those alien invaders the missions do … Continue reading Saints row 4: post release play time