Krustyland update (intro): TSTO

It’s here! The newest and apparently largest update ever to grace the screens of the Simpsons tapped out has finally arrived – Krustyland. For some reason my iTunes didn’t alert me to the fact that an update was available so around five minutes before being informed I had sent everyone on four hour tasks! Including Krusty; the one who starts everything off. Two donuts were required to get him out of his binding contractual obligations to ‘steal jokes’ which weren’t bad but unfortunately I’m a mere $500 short of the shuttle bus. Another 15 minutes and ill have it. So, here’s the update details:

As you can see much has been added and much is therefore laying in wait to be unlocked and obtained. To me this is (finally) a theme park style game with the Simpsons added in for extra fun! Hopefully it won’t be as annoying with regards to squid ports singular boardwalk creation taking in excess of 2 days though. Rather peculiarly however no extra level has been added as I entered the game and thus no level 33 has made an appearance. Is this coming soon? Not that it makes much difference now what with built up experience points and that. Here’s the brand new splash screen too:

Pretty impressive how EA have managed to incorporate the ‘big tapper’ in there chasing Homer down the ride. Also pretty irritating how I can’t get said ride just yet due to a shortage of funds! Anyway, it does in fact show the good things to come and I will be excited to make my way through this huge update slowly but surely. For now, I await my dinner and also my channel 6 studios to allow me to place the shuttle bus (as below) and begin my epic rebuild of Krustyland.

Another post will be coming later when this progress has been made and a few more when Krustyland settles in. In the meantime, head over to the Simpsons tapped out hints and tips (TSTOtips) for more information and perhaps even help.

Bye for now.


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