Where’s the zoom?!

A short note, or rant to EA right about now is what has been deemed necessary by (I think) quite a few players of the ever growing Simpsons tapped out. That being focused upon the map or available land, more specifically. That being ‘where is the ability to zoom all the way out and have an overview of your Springfield?’. Moreover, where is the ability to screenshot said zoomed out version of our towns to post and socialise about? Or just to keep track of growth and expansion?

On the notes of possible updates and upgrades to this immense game (let’s be honest) why do we not have a statistics page whereby we can track precisely how well we are doing in terms of game progress, land owned, quest lines completed, characters unlocked (overview), buildings/decorations owned or even a simple bit to show the towns worth? Personally, I would love this to be integrated into the game as I think it would allow players to become somewhat more attached overall to their budding populations.

So, to sum up: a stats page wouldn’t go amiss, nor would a simple ability to zoom out further. Having said that, nor would an easier method of navigation on the decorations and buildings menus. Perhaps this will or will not add to the growing list of helpful feedback for EA and hopefully will soon become a part of the game too – but I’m not getting my hopes up! Let’s wait around until level 33 is released or Krustyland at least.

What do you want to see?

Bye for now.


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