First one down, two to go

Just a short post to finally announce my first million dollar building being placed and built on the Simpsons tapped out. It took 3 whole days to build and a cool 1 million dollars to purchase! Now I’m onto finishing up those last little quests before making my way towards the other two million dollar buildings. I have just 5 square plots of land to obtain and only half of the sea line sections too. Two more quest buildings that were recently added as well and then I’m waiting and upgrading and town. Here it is anyway:

I’ve seen many funny and inventive placements for this particular building but I decided, for now, to place it in a normal, unfunny place. As you can see the screenshot was well timed as a person falls into the pit at the bottom – not into water, fire or a random field as others have done. I think I’ll have more fun with the other two buildings, once I’ve saved up enough to get them that is. Only another 5 million in total to go!

Bye for now.


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