Krustyland update, level 32 and a bit more

After the many new content releases for the already huge Simpsons tapped out, we are faced with rumours (as of this moment) of an even bigger update coming soon. Krustyland will (apparently) feature a whole new map space for players to build an impressive theme park of all things Krusty for their characters to travel to. I suppose that means that for a while at least many Springfield’s will be left without characters and subsequently become ghost towns of the former selves. What’s to be expected then?

As always, a short web search for the Simpsons tapped out, Krusyland will reveal stacks of rumours, speculation, debate and file codes all surrounding the newest add on. First and foremost, a new splash screen has been revealed showing Krusyland as a main attraction of the game – much like the previous many themed updates released for the game too. The possibility of it being an entirely new map space would also mean that the player will effectively restart the game and play Theme park world in the form of the Simpsons. It all sounds good, so far. Many however have expressed their opinions on this new space being added and have wondered why it isn’t being simply added onto the current map available. For one, this would pretty much overload the game and cause problems to everyone and second; where’s the harm in having a short loading screen between Springfield and Krustyland? I sure don’t mind, and won’t mind when it’s released in what’s suspected to be an August release. Therefore it’s not too long to wait and after reading much about it, I am excited after recently finishing the squid port update finally and catching up with my other quest lines too.

Stuff to be added will, quite naturally, be theme park style items such as kiosks, rides, Krusty style buildings, decorations and new characters. A nice little shuttle bus will be available to place in Springfield to take your characters to Krustyland too so at least EA has even thought of a fun way to connect the two so closely as opposed to a simple load screen being activated. Other problems people are expressing are the completion of characters quests in Krustyland whilst moving about Springfield and whether a notification will pop up to show this, or whether many of the new content items will be premium and therefore put off many players for lack of donut desire. I too share these issues but I’m certain all will become clear when the release date arrives. I wonder whether this will be a level 32, or 33 update as well.

On the same note, there’s a supposed level 32 update coming with a few more buildings, decorations and character skins soon. Hence why I wonder if Krustyland will be a level 33 update instead – if any level is indeed added at all. The level 32 update includes the mental hospital, monkey bars and Kamp Krusty so it would seem EA really are knocking these updates out as quickly as possible. Bad news for those addicted to spending real money on donuts! As for details and what not take a look at this link for everything to do with the newest update. In the meantime, patience is a virtue.

Bye for now.


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