Level 31 update: Simpsons tapped out

A rather unexpected update has been released today from EA. I say unexpected in the sense of myself not seeing it actually download when loading up the game just now! Finally however level 31 has been added and, as per normal, many players will have automatically been levelled up and given the two donut reward by bumblebee man. All good then, so far. As always then we will look at what’s been added and whether it’s any good really. On a quick side note – I wonder how far many are through the colossal squid port update whilst dealing with the recent 4th July update and now this? Let’s get to it:

Let’s mix things up and begin to look at the decorations that have been chucked in today, shall we? As you can see, a carved ice sculpture has been added today and although it looks very nice sat in the front or back gardens of the many mansions available, it is in itself very small and difficult to see when scrolling over a huge town. Can’t complain. Compared to the new premium decoration (the billboard) I think it’s a welcoming decoration just to add to the look and feel of our towns. The billboard itself is similar to the grandpa billboard a while back and it’s just as expensive too – if I remember rightly. I’m sure many will be sitting on the fence as to whether to purchase the billboard or not. So what’s next?

Here we see something a little better – first and foremost we have Wolfcastles mansion! That’s another mansion to add to our expensive districts of our budding towns or cities. I’m glad to see its not another premium one too! Similarly, we have a gym that doesn’t cost donuts to obtain. That’s two new buildings we can actually get without being ripped off by expensive donut purchases. I’m happy! However, as always there’s another premium building that has been added to the extensive list of the already awaiting premium items in the build menu – that may just stay there, I think. Evidently I refer to the film set which contains another character but one character which I think I can do without, if I’m honest.

Overall then, for a small update which was rather unexpected I’m happy to see more decent buildings being released too. No one wants to see many of the same repeated buildings types spread across their Springfield, do they? I’m sure I don’t, for one. It’s a shame nothing has been added to allow for players to gain free donuts in some way – albeit a small quantity but just some donuts. Other games such as this (a freemiuim) offer the player a choice to watch a video or two – perhaps a few more – or to download another game and review it to gain some premium currency to save and spend. We can still hope.

For now, I’m currently tackling squid port still (only on building left) and also purchasing some more land whilst catching up on those leftover quest lines added recently. I think however I’m nearly caught up. I’m also in the process of attempting to eliminate some water that’s showing and to make everything closer together to try and salvage some much needed space.

What do you think of this new content?

Speak soon.


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