Holiday blues

This morning at about half 3am we returned from Turkey and therefore officially ended our one week holiday. It was literally amazing. Although I am incredibly upset to have to get back to reality now and thus return to work and everyday life. The photos have all been sorted, duplicated and nearly distributed and it has given me the post holiday depression mood!

During our holiday we managed a full Turkish bath and full body massage, pool day, beach day, bar crawl, private boat trip, sunset jeep safari and the in betweens too. I also learnt to swim! We dived, or crawled in my case, into the open sea from the boat and saw some great views in the meantime. I managed to drive a boat briefly as well! Much happened and it was all incredibly entertaining. I loved it.

I do however wish I could still be there with the group but in reality we all must return to work and back to normality – until next time, that is. One thing I can definitely say is I genuinely love the group I went with! In a friendly sort of way, of course.

Thanks guys x


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