7th day away – venture

Hobbies keep us entertained, they keep us busy or generally happy. A hobby can be anything and everything – collecting stamps, drawing, learning an instrument, writing or just cleaning. Whatever keeps you happy.

Personally I have decided to learn the guitar and now have two acoustic guitars because of it. I have over 70 drawings and two canvas pieces from my hobby of traditional and tonal art. I have now two articles and a short story from writing. I play two iOS games and have a long standing Xbox live account too. I workout often but not excessively. It’s all hobbies.

The best thing about a hobby is it doesn’t matter what it is so long as it is enjoyed by you. People have hobbies to take their mind off of life, to cheer themselves up or to simply take up some spare time which would otherwise be spent doing nothing. It all helps.

What’s your hobby or hobbies?

Speak soon.


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