5th day away – chess

Following on from the previous ‘thoughts‘ and ‘realisation‘ I concentrate this post on precisely how I personally choose to enact every choice of my journey and to what extent each decision is analysed beforehand.

I see life’s decisions as staying one step ahead at least in every turn life takes. It’s about keeping ahead of what may come and what could arise as well. It’s about reacting in the best possible way to any surprise and to act in such a way that ensures an effective outcome after recovery. It’s also about not being down too long when an event pushes you down. If every surprise beats us down, we shall struggle to get back up and continue.

Choice is something that comes with great consequence. Choice is a powerful yet seemingly insignificant yielded ability. If a choice is made with no real insight, then that choice has not been effectively made to a sufficient degree. Bad choices shouldn’t spell trouble or problem, a bad choice should cause realisation and progress.

Staying one step ahead in your journey will only increase your chances of getting to where you want to be. It will ensure your preparedness in any situation given.

Bye for now.


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