Krustyland update (intro): TSTO

It's here! The newest and apparently largest update ever to grace the screens of the Simpsons tapped out has finally arrived - Krustyland. For some reason my iTunes didn't alert me to the fact that an update was available so around five minutes before being informed I had sent everyone on four hour tasks! Including … Continue reading Krustyland update (intro): TSTO


Where’s the zoom?!

A short note, or rant to EA right about now is what has been deemed necessary by (I think) quite a few players of the ever growing Simpsons tapped out. That being focused upon the map or available land, more specifically. That being 'where is the ability to zoom all the way out and have … Continue reading Where’s the zoom?!

New home for the fish

Today I took the step of purchasing a new fish tank for my somewhat old fish. It's a little bit bigger but not as tall, it's more wide to accommodate the decorations within. As always, here it is; As you can see it's a much brighter tank (added filter on Instagram) which makes it stand … Continue reading New home for the fish

Rocky’s speech

Just a favourite from one of the Rocky films I've watched recently. This is actually a cool little speech and one which I think sums up how people should feel about what they want to do and what they want to achieve. It's one which I agree with and one which I feel I try … Continue reading Rocky’s speech


Another little random quote until more is released to review, this time it's on happiness and life. An interesting one by Aristotle today. On that note, I have been counting down the days until I can finally set eyes on my degree when it arrives at my house! I'm not sure how long it takes … Continue reading Happiness