Another small Simpsons update

Whilst we all contend with the very long and somewhat tedious release of squid port and its added content EA have decided to release another, smaller, update. Not that anyone is complaining or anything – the more content, the better! However, I am flying out to Turkey on Monday so will probably miss anything else that comes out on the 4th of July. Darn.

First off, Apu decides to speak for the first time in ages. He talks of the 4th of July and the importance of fireworks amongst many. Not only that, he obtains a brand new outfit too! The outfit is the ‘all American Apu’ and is as seen in the episode where he decides to become American in order to not get deported. To find this outfit just open up your warehouse and click on ‘use’ – this will obviously put it on him and a quest icon (!) will appear to prompt the beginning of the new content.

So what’s new?

Here we have the added decorations surrounding the fireworks style update. As you can see (and to no surprise really) most of the added content is now premium. Meaning exactly that – pay premium prices on overpriced donuts and you get pretty much nothing. Therefore, as always, I won’t be getting those ones. However, the very first item is an American flag. This flag is rather big in size but looks great sitting beside any important building or just in a park/field. I currently have two and at just over $5,000 each it’s a pretty good decoration to have.

Same old story here too; Lincoln’s cabin is another premium item and probably will spark the same question of whether to buy it with many players. It does come with a new character but again, whether it’s worth it is the question that needs to be asked. Next up is the nighthawk diner which unlocks after part 4 of the new quest line and also comes with a new (free) character. This, by the looks of it, is the detective from one of the episodes which can’t spring to mind right now!

That’s all, folks

Apart from the above nothing has really been added. A new quest line, building or two and some characters plus some decorations but still no level 31. Also it must be said that my progress bar has halved leaving me even further away from another bonus level up than I was at yesterday so thanks, EA. Where is level 31 then? Squid port didn’t add it, this update hasn’t either. Perhaps it’s part of a bigger update which will come soon. We will have to wait and see.

What do you think?

Speak soon.


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