Simpsons: value meter

Another idea that I’m sure many have perhaps had on the favourited Simpsons tapped out. Why don’t we have some sort of value meter for our budding towns? Much like Sim city and the like, why is there no menu to find out the following things:

Town worth menu.

Why do we not have the town worth displayed somewhere either in a hideaway menu or in plain view to simply click on and check? It would be quite good to be able to determine exactly how much has been spent on the towns of Springfield being remade and to be able to compare this with friends. In theory this might increase the social aspects importance of the game and may include the online part more so too. I’m sure much debate and conversation would be made from a town worth menu both in the forums and on social networking sites as well. Of course you would have the ‘farmers’ perhaps boasting on just how much they have spent on buildings alone but this would be a minor knock on effect to having a town worth menu, wouldn’t it?

Income calculator.

Similarly, why is there no income calculator which includes the conformity meter and other bonus elements to check our day to day incomes? It would be good to be able to calculate and estimate how long it may take you to save up for that new building, squid port piece or the million dollar decorations that have since waited in the inventory. I, like others, have a really rough idea as to how much I gain depending on how often I sign in and collect. Is that cool enough? I know many might not be bothered with the idea of a town worth and income calculator/meter but personally I think it may be a nice little idea to put in with the next update or so.

We have a conformity meter but no stats menu?

After all, the conformity meter gives us an incredibly rough idea as to how green friendly our towns are, how obedient the citizens are and how much graffiti has been wiped from the building walls. Obviously this includes other things but that’s just the bulk of it. Why not have a stats menu? A menu which tells us how long we have played, how many buildings and decorations we have and how many characters have been unlocked out of the maximum available. Also, why not include something which tells us how much land has been used in a percentage format? Again not a particularly important thing but maybe some might want to utilise their land to the fullest capacity.

How about a full map ability?

I know I would most definitely like to be able to zoom further out in order to see my entire town/city. Many have decided to screenshot and stitch together the pictures taken to create a full map/aerial view of their towns. Whilst this is a good idea, it is extremely time consuming and can be rather frustrating trying to perfectly stitch the images together for the best result. I’ve tried. How many people would actually be grateful of a full shot ability of their towns to share and compare? Much like the town worth feature, I’m sure it would enhance the social aspect of the game too.

That’s all my ideas at the moment. Until the next update I’ll continue to build my groovy looking squid port and awaiting those singular boardwalk pieces as well. For the first time since the update was released I feel like I’m making good progress in relation to obtaining the new buildings and land expansions. Not to mention I’ve been able to move my town across toward the sea front to free up a bit more space. It’s all good.

Hopefully this somehow circulates and reaches the eyes or ears of EA.

Ciao for now.


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