Results are out!

So today (earlier than expected) I received my final year results from Uni. Although I was absolutely shaking with nervousness I managed to somehow sign into the page to find these results out. Unfortunately I was at work at the time so had to ask my manager if I could take this little break to take a look at my results – gladly he said yes.

How did it go? I was wondering the same thing. Overall I’m happy with my results, both individually for each year and also as a whole for the degree. There were no real surprises; especially with land law which was extremely difficult to catch a hold of properly. Apart from that I have passed everything and will await my graduation and subsequent celebration!

I know this post is a little late but I have been stuck at work and then decided to go out after for a little tipple and catch up/mess around. Why not.

Bye for now.


4 thoughts on “Results are out!

  1. I haven’t worked up the nerve to check on mine yet. I know I did well, but I’m going to be disappointed if I didn’t pull a 4.0 this semester. Congratulations on the good marks! Land law went way above my head too, so you’re not alone.

    1. Just dive straight in and check them! Waiting will only make you worse lol I’m sure you’ve done great anyways :) law literally is just out there in terms of annoyance and difficulty for me haha

      1. That it IS. And just when you think it makes sense…you losE it again. Lol. I did check and I pulled straight A’s which raised my GPA enough that I’m now more comfortable within the honor’s society’s guidelines that I joined this semester. Phew!!

      2. Ah very well done! You knew you would be fine didn’t you haha. Feels so good to know the results doesn’t it? Nice and relaxing

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