Xbox one seems to be losing…

The debate and at many times argument as to what new console everything should or would go for is certainly heating up as of late. Everywhere we look we see opposing views, attacks, defences and compromise as to what console is their particular favourite to get. Arguments about price, compatibility, functions, features, look and general consumer purpose are all up in the air.

Right now, I’d say ps4 is currently winning said debate.

Why? Well, Microsoft seems to have hit a downfall current. I mean literally the Xbox one appears to be jumping over a huge waterfall in terms of the new features. Restrictive gameplay (effectively) is the main concern amongst consumers and potential buyers – DRM is everyone’s main concern and focus. Ps4 seems to have made all the right choices and well, it’s safe to say Xbox perhaps haven’t hit it on the head this time around.

Of course one can only make a reasoned and educated opinion when it is actually released and subsequently, when it is actually played or tested. Until then it’s speculation as to how each function will play out and exactly what each part means in relation to the whole console. Plenty has been said about the two and a short web search will have you up to your eyeballs in information and furthered debate on each piece of each console too.

Xbox fanboy.

That’s right, I’m an Xbox fanboy. Having had the arcade when it was released, the 360 elite and now the newest 360 elite s. Therefore before anyone thinks ‘he’s definitely on the Xbox ones cart’ think again – I’m as much split on the decision as anyone is. Personally I think Xbox may have ruined what they had but then again, lets wait until either more details are given or many have tested it out. Similarly, lets wait until the ps4 has been released. Who knows, perhaps ps4 will bring the playstation back to how it should be.

What do you think?

Bye for now.


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