Simpsons tapped out: waterfront update (part 2)

As promised here’s a very detailed look and review of the all new update for the Simpsons tapped out. Comment below if you have some input or opinion, it’s always welcome. So first things first: this update is huge. It’s added much content but we will, for the sake of sanity, go through it slowly and efficiently. This will be a long post so headings are added for ease of interest.

Let’s get started with the basics

The all new home screen or loading screen has been revamped again in relation to the content itself. Clearly, this is (finally) the biggest update we’ve been waiting for. That’s right, it’s the sea front that has long been awaiting an unlock. The land expansion has been added down the entire right side of the map and now includes that pesky piece of land that was just laying there unscathed. So the bulk of it: seafront has been unlocked, meaning new land, buildings, decorations, quests and characters.

What buildings are new?


Here we can see the first of many screenshots I’ve taken. More specifically, the buildings are actually rather exciting. Some are premium items, others aren’t. As you can see a quest or many quests are needed to initially unlock these new buildings but that’s not too hard. ‘My first tattoo’, ‘much ado about muffins’ and ‘crypto barn’ all seem like they will add some sort of character to the new scenery we are now given so ill be excited when they’re unlocked and placed. So far, so good. That’s three new buildings, huge land expansion and a new load screen already!

The names, seemingly, are rather comically given – as you can see we have the ‘frying Dutchman’ which is a clear reference to the ship from Pirates of the Caribbean. The ‘turban outfitters’ and ‘just rainsticks’ are very inventive names but that’s no surprise given the context they’re given. Again, all of these will look great on that new sea front being added by many probably as I write this.

Much more buildings here too – it would seem EA really has held up to their promise of the biggest update to date. This is huge, really huge. The buildings seem endless and almost make the players feel lost in the hills of updated content being released. This is, of course, a very good thing and I can imagine will come across in only the positive light from the players. Especially me. So that’s the buildings covered and again more detail will be given on each topic when I’ve had a chance to research and play.

Any decorations with that?





Yep, is the short and sweet answer to that. I though it was easier to simply list the new decorations and let you have a look. Of course you can do that yourself on your game but it’s always good to have all the information in one place isn’t it? There’s plenty to be added into our huge towns and perhaps we will all need some form of rearrangement and planning to fit it all in snug. I know I’ve got some work to be done. As you can probably see in the screenshots many new characters have been added too and many are premium at that – not an incredible loss seeing as by now we all have many, many characters already running around causing havoc.

All good?

In a short answer: I love this update so far. Ill admit I was a little late to download this but do hope this post acts as a forum to discuss what people like and, inevitably, what they perhaps don’t like. For now I will go and unlock some land to begin building that cool looking waterfront area. I would assume many are doing exactly the same thing. Annoyingly, I have decided to spend most of my saved money on getting the now standard plots of land down the bottom corner so I have a little catching up to do, I would suspect.

What do you think?



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