State of decay: extended gameplay

So it’s been two days since the release of State of decay and so far, so good. My first post on this really did cover the basics but what about the details when played for a more extended time period? Perhaps for two days? Here’s what I think after some time with State of decay.


After the non-existent tutorial part of the game is somehow over, with whatever you describe as being over to be, the player really does get to feel the thick of things. By which I mean the need to learn literally everything whilst defending hordes of zombies who want nothing more than to rip you in half. After learning where it is you’re meant to be residing you begin to become accustomed to what it is you’re exactly meant to be getting on with. Tons of writing and tips pop up more than a dodgy ad on a web page and sure, a few of your survivors may die whilst learning the basics but it’s all what the games for, right?

Let’s get to it

After hours of what seems like weeks and perhaps months in game I found myself raiding multiple buildings for teddies and what not. It was only after this I realised my people were starving, tired and angry through lack of necessities. Oops. So, here I am standing in someone’s house when I somehow manage to make a heck of a noise whilst looking at a tin can on a shelf. Rather peculiar but by the time I thought about it I was overrun with zombies. A couple hits over their heads with my trusty, erm, golf club and then a quick sprint through the living room, out the window and on the lawn before diving in my car which now has no doors left. Flee. Next I know I’ve rolled the old banger and am now on foot through a field at night time – just what I need.

Skip a few moments

The heat backs down and I begin to jolt around in a blue transparent vehicle before the game catches up – whilst cool it is strange. I’m now helping survivors defend their little home by barricading a few bits of 4×4 to the window panes and then the wierdest thing happened:


That’s right, the women decided it would be a good idea to ram her head up this guys backpack. Then she tries desperately to escape:

No excuses, this is not the way to defend a house. Yes that is me standing in the left being very helpful too.

Verdict no.2

The games fun and somewhat entertaining in a strange light, leaving players with plenty to do and, well, not to do. The graphical errors make for some very fun moments as above and the price really does tempt even the faintest of zombie lovers to download this game. Great start, undead labs.

Any strange things happen in your game?

Bye for now.


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