A little development on Simpsons…

As we are all waiting for the newest update many are trying desperately to find something to either spend their mounting money on or just to attempt to improve their little towns. In some cases these towns are in fact little cities! Therefore for me personally I have decided on the improvement and expansion idea by purchasing that last little corner of land available and to build more to improve money flow too. Here’s a few screenshots of the work being done over the past few days and the current construction as well:

Garden space

As you can see here’s a handful of new pink buildings that give me a handy sum every 3 hours, with the added bonus of course. The top right of the picture shows the front end of the Fat Tony compound which was recently completed with all of the decorations around it too. Much money has been used up lately to add the finer details to add to the scenery of the whole town, but isn’t that what it’s for?

Bridge end

This has finally found a place to call home, being the centrepiece for the bridge which attaches my two bottom islands. For a while now I have struggled to place this anywhere where it would fit in and add to the overall look and feel of that part of town. Until yesterday this had sat where the 6 new buildings (above) have been built to fill in the huge green I had waiting from excessive land expansions.

One more will do

Another little add on to improve some money income. Just another White House at the top which has been fitted in after a few more were added a few days ago to the edge of this particular island, lining the river. I have decided lately that my water in my town takes up too much space which could be used more effectively to help get those million dollar buildings in my town as well! Therefore some rivers are being narrowed or even filled in. As can be seen below.

Space saver


The first screenshot here shows a brand new little island which faces the huge park development I have recently built and finalised which is awaiting construction of 8 new white buildings and the few decorations to add to the effect. The second screenshot is merely of 2 new blue buildings which can be a good little earner for the players who sign in fewer but further time periods. Krusty seems to be enjoying his walk through the blue building district too. Finally here is the latest content being built and has now in fact finished this morning. This was out in place of the Gilded truffle whilst that was moved to a better place too. Funnily enough you can just see one of Fat Tonys goons sitting behind what will be the military store with a baseball bat.

Arm up!

There we are, I am still saving again towards Zesty’s and also some more buildings to create more income. Until then, these construction plans are being finished off. Oh and I decided to use 90 donuts on the Sprawl Mart which has been placed near my stadium! I have set my town out to be efficient at whatever time of day I decide to sign in and collect, that way money is constantly coming in. Great right?

What have you done with your town?



5 thoughts on “A little development on Simpsons…

  1. Jesus, this is impressive. I actually joined up for this game based on a past you made about it a few weeks ago and I’ve been hooked. Unfortunately my town looks like it needs a glass of water and a sit down. How long did it take you to get to this point, and have you actually managed to not spend any money?

    1. It’s taken about a year to get to this point and I’ve never spent any money on the game :) just saved up the free donuts over time and managed to gain three premium items from it, it’s quite cool.

      1. The comment below was me as well, I tried to comment on my phone and didn’t think it took. That WordPress update has really messed things up on my phone. Apols dude.

  2. Jesus, really impressive. I’ve just joined (out of curiosity, you mentioned it in a few posts and I went to check it out, now I’m hooked.) Unfortunately my town looks like it needs a glass of water and a sit down. How long did it take you to get to this point?

    1. Thanks :) I’m glad you’re hooked! I downloaded this game as soon as it was released and have been playing since so it’s taken about a year to get to here. I’m trying to stitch together a whole screenshot of my entire town and will post it soon :) how’s your town looking?

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