Customers corrections?

Why do people choose to be annoying customers when in any shop? Why do they insist on making it their goal of the visit to annoy every staff member they can possibly find? Many questions, not enough answers with this matter.

Some people come into a shop purely to argue and fight, knowing full well that the worker can’t react in any other way than ‘sorry’ or ‘okay’. Is it seen as an easy win? Do they gain satisfaction by ‘winning’ an argument with someone they can’t possibly lose against due to their obligations as an employee of the company? When was swearing deemed necessary too in a public situation such as these? Making a scene is nothing more than the customer showing they simply can do such an act without ever receiving a negative reaction from the employee. Strange to do as a form of pleasure. If you see the same employee outside of work you wouldn’t argue with them about petty little things, would you?

I simply ask why people do such things and how they can think it helps or makes them look good. A customer is not always right, unless they really are. I think it’s dependent on how they go about being right though, right?

Bye for now.


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