Level 31 update? Tapped out.

The newest level 30 update for the Simpsons tapped out has settled in and for many the new few buildings and decorations have been placed into their towns. For others it’s a matter of saving for a little bit to afford the two buildings, seeing as the quest to purchase them isn’t really stressful.

So what next?

Level 31? The squid port? A new themed update? Or just a few new buildings and a couple more decorations to spruce the place up? As always the singular level add on has been somewhat pointless and so shall the next one, I would assume safely. The exception being with new players or people who haven’t been on as long as the level 30’s. For them, they have a goal to level up and unlock much content. For us, we wait. The squid port would be incredible both in size and playability. More buildings and perhaps many more varied housing types would be much appreciated too. How about it EA?

More land?

The one thing I’m hooked on at the moment is finalising the land expansion opportunities and awaiting for more land to be added. I’m not after a huge spool of land, only another few squares to spread out a bit more. Currently I have just under 8 left to buy and they are being bought very quickly despite the rising costs, as I’ve said in another post. With luck, squid port will enable a better expansion other than purchasing another piece of field and filling it. Personally, I can’t wait.

Patience is a virtue

Is it? Is EA dragging it out or are they tactically breaking up some huge content releases into little doses for players to gobble up? It’s not a bad idea, financially of course but what about the importance of the players wishes and boredom factor too? It’s not a huge deal, I know, but generally I would want the updates to contain more content as opposed to a few items.

What do you think?



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