Level 30 update: Simpsons tapped out

The level 30 update has arrived and I didn’t even realise until I logged in about 5 minutes ago! Rather annoyingly this update isn’t the one we’ve all really been waiting for but nonetheless it is an update. So what’s new? First things first; yet another instantaneous level up for those at the already highest level and therefore yet another venture towards the seemingly never ending bonus level ups. As soon as I logged in and loaded up the level up appeared awarding me a very generous 1 donut. This was accompanied by my 5th day log in bonus which consisted of a mystery box and to my very surprise and delight – 30 donuts! Thanks, EA.

What’s new?

Here we can see some cool new buildings added such as Herman’s military antiques with Herman of course, Zesty’s and also the community centre with another character. Great! Unfortunately the community centre is a premium item but the other two are up for grabs given the completion of the quests that go with them, as normal. Finally another two new shops to add to the rather small number already in our towns have been added and as for the community centre? Well, that’s just a personal choice on whether to purchase it or not. At 150 donuts I think I’ll concentrate on getting the lower priced premium items for now from the saved up free donuts being issued. That 30 donut mystery box was a nice little bit of help too.

Anything else?

Of course the main things here are rather peculiar – a training dummy, miniature nuclear warhead and a bomb shelter. What are these for, EA? It’s a tad strange but then again some cool little decorations for our very own towns I suppose it’s fair to say. The decorations available in game already are very extensive and maybe a little too many in just one menu but one can’t complain about the shear availability of said decorations, aye? At first I was a little stumped as to where to place the bomb shelter and the training dummy but I found a nice little place within the confines of Fat Tony’s newly built compound area as can be seen in the screenshot below.


On a side note…

As always I chose to spend the saved up money on another land expansion, leaving me with just 10 or so plots left to obtain. Hopefully it won’t take too long to save up and get the two new buildings too after finishing their quests. I’m sure it won’t be a long wait given the size and profit of my town. At least I have an extensive field of greenery available to build upon for this new content I guess.

Obviously we are all waiting for the very much anticipated squid port expansion but I suppose waiting is still the game. For now, enjoy the content added and just spend some time either rearranging your town or just refining the streets within it. Perhaps expand on some land just to be prepared for any other surprises from EA as I have decided to do. Still a good little update to keep the players going until the big content is released onto us but as always for many the small number of content added won’t remain in the shop for long and will soon be on our virtual streets of Springfield.

What do you think of this update?

Bye for now.


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