Short web search

Today I was curious to see how my site came across to the viewers and traffic. Therefore I decided I would search Google for the name of my blog (sad I know) and see what came up. This was purely for the basis of research and SEO analysis of my page, I must stress that. My plan was to see how or where my blog was being shown or presented and how easy it was to come across with a simple search of related content words on a search engine. The results were rather cool, ill admit. A few things I found I didn’t even know had happened such as one of my photos of the DS3 I had being pinned on someone’s Pinterest page and my ‘ranting lawyer’ post being immediately posted on a site called news357. Strange.

Here’s the screenshot of the site and staggeringly I saw the ‘like’ number next to the Facebook symbol had 436 likes attached to it at the time of viewing! This is quite welcoming but the views haven’t reflected this as it opens as an in site pop up window instead of a new tab or page. I do appreciate the post however and am glad to see content being shared around. Of course this only applies if this site is a ‘real site’ as I am well aware of spam sites reposting for views and so on. Here’s the other:

I thought it was best to leave the whole screenshot as it was and not to crop it. The photo is found on the left with my site attached to it as a link. This happened six weeks ago apparently and again I very much appreciate it. Clearly this guy is a lover of cars too and for that I realise the use of SEO does work very well. Whoever you are – I like your Pinterest page! Thanks too.

You may also notice that my iPad was running quite low in terms of battery power and I am currently posting this before I choose to charge it for the night. On that note; it hasn’t been charged in a while and really does reinforce my love for the battery power of the third iPad. I’ve been on the Simpsons tapped out and Wild city quite often and the battery has still coped! Of I course separate reviews for the above mentioned will be posted soon.



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