iOS 7 – game changer?

Interestingly the news of iOS 7 being announced and waited upon doesn’t seem to be filling the Internet as much as it normally does with a new release from Apple. This could be because of the early nature of said news or the lack of the information accompanying it. Or perhaps it is fair to say that interest has simply fallen from what it once was. Either way – Apple has a lot riding on this latest release.

Not only did iOS 6 come with a few hiccups, to say the least, it also came with some disappointment as to change. The interface and uses all practically remained the same or similar with no real change being implemented. iOS 7 promises to be innovative and a big change – but is this with things we as users can see or will it be underneath changes? With hope the look and feel of iOS will finally get that makeover it requires and will ultimately become competitive again. The stuff being thrown out by android is rapidly taking interest from once proud Apple owners. Should they worry? After all, what comes up must come down, right? Maybe that’s not the case.

IOS 7 concepts
Much has been debated as to what exactly will be changed – whether that’s a mere border change, ratio, widget alteration or colour schemes. What will actually be changed though? According to Apple (Ivy) the users of Apple products will not feel alienated and will not feel like they are using a completely different device but will instead notice the change through everyday use. Is this what we want? I think we need little changes but changes that will create a new experience in a fresh way.

IOS 6 and others
iOS 6 has seen a few more updates added to it since its release and with hope the latest 6.1.4 will be the last before iOS 7 is released upon the world. On that note – not everyone had received this newest update and have remained on 6.1.3 instead. Strange. Lets hope iOS 7 has been properly formed and not rushed due to demand or need.

What do you want to see in this update?

Speak soon.


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