Attack of the comic book guy!

So far there has been no update to the Simpsons tapped out as assumed or rather hoped for. Too an extent this isn’t that disappointing and similarly it isn’t very surprising either. After all, there was no real promise that the new update would arrive today and therefore the speculation of it was all we were going on. Instead I have concentrated on expanding my land yet again and also rearranging a few things such as Tony’s mansion and the stadium too. I only have 11 plots of land to purchase and am gaining them rather quickly too, despite the expense.

The only new thing I did have today was this rather cool and freaky texture glitch which occurred whilst I was collecting my money and experience. Normally what happens is a building becomes a fountain or something minor such as that but this time it would seem that the comic book guy is intent on not only replacing the many fences surrounding my hospital car park but also on taking over my town through the use of excessive cloning! Here’s the screenshot:

Looks strange, right? I thought so, hence why I decided on taking a quick screenshot before normality returned. Anyway, the day is not yet over and that means an update could well still be reaching us soon. Perhaps it’s a late one but either way I’m not prepared any more in the sense of money raised for it! Thankfully it doesn’t appear to be a time limited update so there’s plenty of time to build a bit of cash still and unlock some more land to make way for it. Maybe I will add another street or two full of houses in a minute to raise more money and take up some more space. At the moment I have a huge field of green with not much on it – but at least it’s room for any new buildings or decorations coming our way.

Bye for now.


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