I can talk for days!

Anyone that knows me will probably know this already. Although I would generally hope they don’t think it all the time! I do have my quiet days where I really am not in the mood to talk much or mess around but most of the time I prefer having fun and having a laugh. Why do I say this?

Well, yesterday and the recent days beforehand I had almost missed my daily post and thus almost completely ruined my post a day 2013 challenge streak. This was not good and most certainly not acceptable for someone who loves to talk, right? Sometimes I become so busy that blogging needs an allotted time space for a post in keeping with the challenge. It’s now almost the sixth month of the year and I’m determined not to slip up now or anytime. This challenge will be done.

I do tend to write a lot when I’m bored or in a thoughtful mood, as I am now. I find it helps express whatever I am thinking and also to clear my mind many times too. I suppose it links back to the question of ‘why do you blog?’ and so on. As I say, many who know me may also think I talk a lot and perhaps even too much sometimes. I’ll admit it!

Is it a bad thing, really?

Funnily enough I’m actually rather shy sometimes and do tend to lack confidence if I lack preparation even in the slightest. A presentation or talk can throw me off balance if I’m not feeling fully up for it. Around people I know I’m not too shy and again they will probably agree – most of the time anyway. Given the chance I could probably literally talk for days too!

But I won’t…yet.

Ciao for now.


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