Fun work

So it begins – 5 night shifts a week for the next three or four weeks. Last night was the first and I must say it went really well. Apart from the alarm in the morning and a rather intriguing police search taking place on our forecourt, plus a few technical malfunctions too. Hopefully tonight is a little easier. The good thing is I have left not a lot of work to be done tonight as much was done last night. As my manager said that’s the benefit of working more than one night in a row as you can spread the work out and do it better too.

Back at work tonight at 10pm, so will probably be posting tonight. Last night I didn’t manage to as I decided to do some odd jobs instead. For some reason I wasn’t as tired as normal but perhaps that’s because of the 11 hour sleep the night before in preparation for the gruelling weeks ahead. Pub tomorrow evening so I’m happy.

“The reason a lot of people do not recognise opportunity is because it usually goes around wearing overalls looking like hard work” – Thomas A. Edison.

Bye for now.


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