So the land is all gone…what now?

Since whacking day has ended for the Simpsons Tapped out I feel that most of my time has been spent simply purchasing the remaining land expansions and various other buildings and decorations too. The new addition of the yard sale and the very, very few others being available for in game money just really hasn’t added enough. I know this may be a little dry spell which leads up to another huge and exciting update full of brand new content but I have found myself more often than not actually missing those little pet snakes.

What’s left then? Well, as I said I am currently only a little distance away from owning all of the available land space. It’s costly sure, but what else can I spend it on? A Laramie vendor machine and a donut stand? I’ve already got those so now I find the money is being well spent on new streets full of yet more money making houses and decorations set upon the now very costly and newly acquired land plots. My Springfield ‘town’ now consists of 8 separate islands all with their own little scenery and purpose. An island for the power plant, one for the rich, one for the greenery loving individuals and so on. Very soon I will have bought the remaining few land plots and hope, with much doubt, that EA will add on new plots to buy – hoping even more so that one of those purchasable is the shore line!

What are you spending your money on? Is it a ploy for EA to try and entice players who have grown bored and weary into buying those premium items at the high price they are? Do people buy these donuts to further their towns unique appearance or is it through shear loyal purchasing for fans of the Simpsons? For one I won’t be going there, I can assure you.

Bye for now.


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