Time, time, time.

Now I have finished my degree and am awaiting graduation I have much more time on my hands to do whatever is either needed or wanted. Sometimes it is feeling like too much time. Of course I have picked up more hours at work but what to do in the times at home? Clearly many have done the same so it’s not always easy to just go out during the days and perhaps even the evenings as such.

The options? Well first off I’ve set some time each and every day aside for guitar practice. I’ve already began learning a full song to play and currently refining my techniques. It sure beats just chucking the Xbox on for a game or two, I’ll admit. Apart from this time has also been set aside for a workout – this has been on and off over the past year so now’s the best time for it I think. I must admit I have been achievement hunting in my spare time too.

What else then? Well my car needed a few bits doing and my girlfriend also needed her room redone too. That’s still in the process of being finished. The odd jobs around the house have been undertaken and my room has already had a nice tidy out and is now awaiting a good clean up too.

The other thing I’ve returned to is writing and drawing. More time means more tonal drawings on the way, these may be put on here to add to the art corner I currently have in place. The writing side will take a bit more time – a story I began writing not too long ago can now be added to and again the link to an online reader may be posted for anyone interested. I find writing and drawing interesting and relaxing so may be a good time consumer alongside the other stuff I can get done in my spare time.

Evidently blogging will be another thing that uses some time and so will any changes being done to the page. Not to worry.



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